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December 30, 2015
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DrägerSensor® EC Electrochemical sensors

Faster response – higher accuracy – greater stability – longer life: Dräger electrochemical sensors offer all these benefits. The robust and long-life sensors for Dräger Transmitters are used for the selective measuring of the smallest concentrations of toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air, under ambient conditions.

Long life time


​The use of resistant plastics, such as PTFE, and the purest catalysts make it possible to achieve a long, wear-free measurement function for a long period. A patented internal pressure compensation mechanism compensates adverse environmental influences from changes in humidity, temperature expansion and weather-related variations in air pressure. A large electrolytic reservoir and large electrode areas provide sufficient reserves for a long life time, even in an industrial environment.




​Comprehensive range of possible applications


All sensors have an internal temperature sensor. Between -40°C and +65°C, the temperature influence is compensated to zero, and the sensitivity is compensated. The internal pressure compensation allows the transmitters to be used during extreme low pressure, right through to some atmospheric high pressure. In combination with exchangeable, selective filters, it is possible to reduce the influence of disruptive cross-sensitivities.






  • Low detection limits
  • Optimized selectivity
  • Excellent accuracy of measurements
  • Fast response
  • High stability
  • Wide range of applicational areas
  • Long life time
  • Comprehensive self-diagnosis options
  • No position dependency



Ready for use immediately


​All sensors are factory tested with target gas, and the calibration values are saved in the internal, electronic memory. This means that sensors in the field can be used immediately in the corresponding transmitters. The high-quality technical construction guarantees a long stability and low, age-related drift.




​Advanced sensor technology


  • It is possible to select between oxygen sensors for partial pressure measurement and for volume percent measurement.
  • The only electrochemical oxygen sensor, O2-LS, in the world that does not wear down!
  • Acid gas sensor AC with unlimited life time, due to replaceable electrolyte.
  • Sensors with organic electrolyte for detection limits in lower ppb range.

Brochure: Gas List 2015 (PDF)

List of detectable gases and vapours.

Brochure: Explosion protection and gas detection systems (PDF)

Explosion hazards mostly arise from flammable gases and vapours. Instead of avoiding their ignition by explosion protection measures it may be preferable to detect them before they become ignitable.