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December 31, 2015
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Draeger Regard 3900

The Regard 3900 is a standalone, autonomous control system for up to 16 measuring channels. It is fully configurable and monitors the concentration of toxic gases, oxygen and combustible gases and vapors.

Flexible design

​Up to four 4-20-mA transmitters each can be connected to a maximum of four input modules in 2/3 wire technology. Each input module is equipped with three relays. These change-over relays are designed as collective alarms for the corresponding module for the messages “Fault”, “1st alarm” and “2nd alarm”. The two alarms are fully configurable and can be set up as rising or falling and latching or non-latching. In addition, the Regard 3900 can be equipped with two relay modules. Each of these modules has eight relays. The first relay is always configured as a failure relay and cannot be changed. The other seven relays can be configured as individual, collective or group alarms. They can either operate as a operating current relay or a standby current relay. Depending on the application and the connected transmitters a third gas alarm and an additional alert can be configured. The alarm relays are acknowledged by operating a key at the front of the control unit.

Quick and easy configuration

​The Config 3900 configuration software enables quick and easy configuration via a laptop or a PC. With new installations, the configuration can initially be carried out online and then loaded during commissioning. During maintenance the system configuration can be downloaded from the device to a PC for checking. The appropriate connection cable and the required software are available as accessories.

Robust enclosure

​The robust IP65 enclosure enables the installation of the control system at virtually any location within the Non-Ex range.