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December 30, 2015
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December 30, 2015
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Dräger Polytron 3000


High measuring quality alongside very simple mounting and very easy operation. The intrinsically safe transmitter Polytron 3000 is ideally suited to the industrial use of measuring toxic gases and oxygen.

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Simple and fast installation

​The system consisting of a docking station (for mechanical and electrical installation) and the Dräger Polytron 3000 (transmitter electronics) saves time and money. The docking station can be mounted and wired up in advance and it is guarded against rain and dust until commissioning. During this, the Dräger Polytron 3000 is simply inserted into the docking station and secured with a quick-release buckle. After inserting the sensor, the system is ready for operation.

Wide range of applications

​With its exceptional EMC and a variety of mounting options, the Dräger Polytron 3000 is suitable for many different areas of application ranging from the chemical to the semiconductor industries.

Product Information

Product information: Dräger Polytron 3000 (PDF)

?The Dräger Polytron 3000 is an intrinsically safe gas detector
for the continuous monitoring of toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air.


Brochure: Gas List 2015 (PDF)

List of detectable gases and vapours.

Brochure: Functional Safety and gas detection systems (PDF)

Safety Instrumented Systems are used to reduce the risk for the protection of people, plants, and environment.

Brochure: More than the sum of their components (PDF)

?For over 70 years, Dräger has been one of the technology leaders in gas detection.