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January 1, 2016
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Dräger PARAT® C

Escape Device for Industrial Sites: The industrial escape hood Dräger PARAT® 4500 protects against toxic gases, fumes and particles.

​Powerful Filter


​The ABEK-P15 filter offers reliable protection against perilous gases, fumes and particles.




Clear View


​The large visor has been treated with an anti-fog solution and ensures a clear view and easy orientation during an escape.




Three different Packages


​For varying applications, the Dräger PARAT® 4500 is available in three different packages: in a handy case as Soft Pack, as Traveler Pack in a plastic box or in a mining-proven package for heavy industry.




One Size for all


​Due to its universal size with flexible neck collar the fire escape hood offers reliable protection for most types of wearers. It is also suitable for individuals wearing glasses or a beard and is easily visible in hazardous situations due to its bright color.




​Protection for at least 15 minutes

The Dräger PARAT® 4500 protects the user from harmful gases, fumes and particles for at least 15 minutes. The industrial smoke hood is approved in accordance with DIN 58647-7.