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December 31, 2015
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Dräger Oxy 6000

The robust Dräger Oxy 6000 self-rescuer brings a new level of safety. As a self-contained device, it features the innovative “Safety Eye” which ensures maximum reliability and efficiency in an emergency.

Keeping an eye on your safety

The innovative Safety Eye is designed to let you keep an eye on safety. Providing immediate confirmation of operational readiness, this clear status window allows wearers to check for the presence of moisture and yellow KO2 fragments within the device on a daily basis. Intuitive in operation and flexible in use, the self-rescuer Dräger Oxy 6000 supplies independent air for up to 60 minutes. It is an ideal emergency system for escape from hazardous areas containing smoke, toxic gases or oxygen deficiency.


Comfortable and easy to use

​Ergonomically designed and small in size for optimum maneuverability, the self-rescuer is comfortable to wear and will minimize restriction of movement and interference with work. Fitted with a stainless steel clip that is easy to open with either hand, it is simple and quick to don. The functional device is removed from the protective outer casing by pulling on the yellow neck strap. The breathing hose can then be placed in the mouth and the nose clip positioned. At the same time the starter is automatically activated, providing an immediate air supply. As a result, you gain time to escape from the hazardous area.


Tested and approved

approved according to:

  • PSA Direktive 89/686/EWG DIN EN 13794.
  • NIOSH/MSHA TN-17471



Long term reliability

Tested in the harshest mining applications and offering a 10-year lifetime without maintenance, the robust housing features a double-cased design to protect the KO2 cartridge complete with integral shock absorption and crush zone protection. It also features replaceable abrasion/wear protection for maximum strength and durability.


Flexible wearer concept

​Depending on the application, the self-rescuer Dräger Oxy 6000 can be carried with a shoulder strap or worn with a belt. The facepiece comprises a mouthpiece, nose clip and protective goggles. A wide range of accessories is also available.


Training and ongoing safety

To be prepared for an emergency situation, regular training on the use of the oxygen self-rescuer is essential. The Dräger Oxy 6000 can be supplied in a training version. An optional mouthpiece combination is available which, in addition to breathing resistance, simulates realistic operational temperatures. Backed by Dräger’s extensive range of safety and service products, it can also be returned to Dräger for safe disposal.


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