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Dräger Multi-PID 2

Innovative technology: The Dräger Multi-PID 2 is the next step in photo ionization detection devices for volatile organic compounds.

Large measurement range

The Dräger Multi-PID 2 has a measurement range of 0 to 2,000 ppm. An
optional gas dilution probe extends the measurement range to up to
20,000 ppm. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the device can be easily
operated while wearing heavy work gloves

Extensive gas library

A gas library comprising up to 70 substances is saved in the device. An
additional 60 substances are identified and can be entered into the
device if required. Furthermore, the Dräger Analytical Laboratory can
characterize customer-specific compounds for the device.

High performance leak detection and screening

The innovative PID technology is both extremely sensitive and robust.
The rapid response time is great for leak checking. It also allows the
atmosphere above contaminated ground or liquids to be screened, as well
as exhaust measurements from enclosed spaces.

Product Information: Dräger Multi-PID-2 (PDF)

Brochure: Specialists for your safety (PDF)

Instruction for use: Dräger Multi-PID 2 (PDF)

Instruction for use: Dräger Multi-PID 2 (PDF)

Brochure: DrägerSensor® & Portable Instruments Handbook (PDF)

Brochure: DrägerSensor® & Portable Instruments Handbook (PDF)

This handbook is intended to be a reference for the users of portable gas detection. The information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge from the relevant references.