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January 1, 2016
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January 1, 2016
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Dräger Interlock® XT

The Dräger Interlock® XT is a breath alcohol measuring instrument that can prevent a vehicle from being started if the driver’s breath alcohol concentration is higher than the state’s limit. FOR COMPLIANCE WITH AN IGNITION INTERLOCK RESTRICTION ONLY


Requests breath sample, enables ignition

Prior to starting the engine, the Dräger Interlock XT requests a breath sample. If alcohol is detected above the state’s legal limit, the immobilizer system prevents the motor from starting. Otherwise, the starter is activated for the driver to start the vehicle. The device will also prompt the driver to retest periodically while en route. The device will not disrupt the engine function once the engine has been started, but the event will be recorded. Some states require the horn to sound and / or the headlights to flash if a retest is failed.

Fast usability

To avoid long waiting periods, Dräger put emphasis on the Interlock XT being ready to use. Its functionality is as good at -40 °F or +185 °F as it is in normal conditions. The name affix “XT” stands for “eXtended Temperature”.

All events recorded in a data memory

The data memory records more than 30,000 events and can be read via special PC software.

High measurement accuracy

The Dräger Interlock XT determines the breath alcohol concentration via an electro-chemical sensor system. The device is responsive to alcohol only.

Safe from manipulation

The device immediately detects any attempt to use auxiliaries, such as air pumps or filters to bypass the Dräger Interlock XT. In such case, it will prevent the motor from starting.