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Draeger Flow Check

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The easiest way to find out how the wind blows: With the Flow Check air flow indicator even slightest air movements are visible – at the push of the button.

Better room temperature and air quality


​For the optimal setting of air conditioning systems, air flows
have to be located accurately and precisely. With the Flow Check air
flow indicator even slightest air movements are made visible to the eye
so that their origin, course and speed can be easily detected in order
to ensure the functionality of ventilation systems and chimneys. The
device produces a cloud of smoke, that floats freely and easily, because
it has the same density as ambient air.


Easy to use


​The ergonomically top-designed, hand-held instrument is of low
weight and offers an optimum ease of operation. Individual little fog
clouds are generated at the touch of a button. For a continuous fog
generation simply press the button constantly or lock it.


​Harmless smoke


​The Dräger Flow Check consists of one device for the smoke
production and an ampoule containing smoke-generating fluid (an alcohol
mixture that is harmless to the environment). A small heating element in
the head of the instrument heats the fluid, wich condenses on contact
with the ambient air.


Product Information

Handbook: Dräger-Tubes & Chip-Measurement-System (PDF)

Handbook for short term measurements in soil, water and air investigations as well as technical gas analysis.


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Handbook: Dräger-Tubes & Chip-Measurement-System (PDF)

16th edition Soil, Water, and Air Investigations as well as Technical Gas Analysis