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January 1, 2016
Dräger UCF® 9000 NFPA Approved
January 1, 2016
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Draeger CPS 7900 Olive Drab or Tan

Tailor-made for use in CBRN hazardous situations: the gas-tight chemical protective suit Dräger CPS 7900. Its innovative material especially qualifies it for us in civil and disaster protection as well as decontamination.

D-Mex: 5x protection

​The new suit material D-mex™ features unique properties. It is chemical-resistant, flame retarding, self-extinguishing, anti-static, remains flexible even in contact with cryogenic substances and is resistant to severe mechanical stress. It offers outstanding protection against industrial chemicals, biological and chemical warfare agents, radioactive particles and other hazardous substances.


Innovative details from head to toe

​The new design of the visor offers an almost natural field of vision with the Dräger FPS 7000 full face mask. The various glove combinations can be quickly attached to the suit without using tools. As an option, the protective suit can be equipped with integrated safety boots or gas-tight socks (in the suit material). An integrated communicative radio pocket and a mount for push-to-talk buttons ease communication.


Exceptional wearing comfort

The protective suit Dräger CPS 7900 reduces the burden during the already difficult work in hazardous areas. With its new, ergonomic cut and the five available suit sizes, it offers wearers ranging from 4’11” to 6’11” in height the greatest freedom of movement to conduct their activities. In addition, the markedly lighter and malleable suit material adapts to the movements and offers full flexibility.


Optimal solutions for deployment

​The chemical protective suit Dräger CPS 7900 can be customized for your special needs, thus expanding your deployment options. These include the pressure gauge holder, the height adjustment, the anti-fog visor and the D-Connect.

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Brochure: Technology in Operation

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