Draeger Infrared sensors
December 29, 2015
December 30, 2015
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Draeger Catalytic Ex-Sensors

Multiple gases at the same time: The DrägerSensor Cat Ex measures combustible gases and vapors in the air.



Our own design


We develop the sensors with our own engineering knowledge. In this way, we can assure their quality and we know the measurements are accurate. This allows them to be fully utilised in combination with our full line of in-house developed Dräger gas detectors.

Durable and resistant against sensor poisons


“Hydrogen sulphide and silicone are known catalytic poisons that may be present in environments where explosive gases can develop. Thanks to a new pellistor composition, the sensors are highly resistant to poisoning from these substances. The sensors are also lead-free and thereby adhere to Directive 2002/95/EG (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). The high resistance to poisoning leads to extraordinarily stability over the long-term and that ensures low operational costs.

Vapour sensitivity


Unknown gas hazards and higher hydrocarbons pose a particular challenge to the display sensitivity of catalytic sensors. The new CatEx PR sensors distinguish themselves through their sensitivity. The detection of all hydrocarbons (from methane to nonane) has been certified in a measurement performance certificate for the device series X-am 1/2/5000 and X-am 7000.

Rapid response times


A rapid warning for explosive gases and vapours is vital. The CatEx PR sensors’ fast response times minimise the timespan between danger and warning.

From the LEL to 100 vol. %


Our catalytic sensors are suitable for measurements from the lower explosion limit to 100 vol. %.