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Draeger Alcotest® 7510

The Alcotest® 7510 allows for breath alcohol analysis for any application, and is listed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Conforming Product List (NHTSA CPL) as an evidential breath tester. This instrument has received the OIML Certificate of Conformity. FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY

Ergonomic design

The Alcotest 7510 is a compact and robust handheld instrument which, thanks to its special ergonomic design, is suitable for right or left handed users. A non-slip rubber housing offers optimal grip.


Transflective Display

The device incorporates an innovative transflective, high resolution graphic LC display. The backlit display provides clear, unabbreviated and selectable multi-language test messages ensuring readability in bright sunlight as well as total darkness. In addition, three light emitting diodes (LEDs) support the information displayed.


Mouth alcohol detection

The Alcotest 7510 represents the first handheld EBT capable of detecting mouth alcohol. This technological advancement is made possible through the employment of a piezo-electric activator as part of this new sampling system.


High flexibility

The Dräger Alcotest 7510 can be used immediately in any environment. Flexible data management, high memory capacity, and the option to use wireless data transfer to transmit to the Dräger Mobile Printer or a computer allow for easy adjustment to national and international specifications. The device automatically compensates for any ambient barometric conditions when performing dry-gas tests.


State-of-the-art sensor technology

The latest in Dräger sensor technology, the Alcotest 7510 ensures fast test intervalls and precise measurements. A built-in heating element prevents condensation and ensures quick and accurate measurements even at sub-freezing temperatures. Dräger’s fuel cell is alcohol specific and assures unsurpassed reaction and recovery performance.


Hygienic and safe

The device exceeds hygiene requirements. The sterile disposable mouthpiece employs a special tab to assure a safe distance between the operator’s hand and the subject’s mouth. For superior hygiene, the Alcotest 7510 has a special mouthpiece ejection mechanism. The instrument’s mouthpiece receiver is illuminated for easy mouthpiece placement even in full darkness.


GPS Technology

The Alcotest 7510 offers a GPS module recognizing the exact geographical location where a breath test is performed. Uploading these coordinates to a central computer, the administrator has the ability to establish a map showing the DUI-arrest-density. Furthermore, this technology allows for precise determination of where the test was conducted for possible administrative processing of a specific DUI stop.