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January 21, 2017
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Draeger SPC 3800


Chemical protective suits are used whenever and wherever a person’s skin has to be protected from the harmful effects of hazardous liquids. If there is a risk that the entire body may come into contact with solid or liquid chemicals, complete coveralls are the only way to ensure full protection.

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SOLAS approval


The chemical protective overalls SPC 3800 (Splash Protective Clothing) are approved according to the category Type 3 (liquid-tight ) and in accordance with SOLAS. The SPC 3800 is CE-certified and classified as chemical protection Type 3, 4, 5 and 6. Furthermore, it is anti-static according to EN 1149-1 and has been tested for resistance to infectious agents according to EN 14126.

Flexible facial cuff


As a unique feature, the overalls are equipped with the flexible facial cuff of the WorkMaster pro – ET series. The soft and flexible facial cuff can be worn either under or over the mask.

Optional gloves


The overalls can be ordered with either Butyl or Silver Shield gloves.

High-grade material


The one-piece, light splash protective suit is manufactured from Tychem® F and designed for limited-use applications.

Zipper on the reverse side


The zipper, located on the reverse side, is protected by a double flap also made of the Tychem® F suit material. This makes donning and removal easy and protects the wearer during the decontamination phase.

Special protection for feet


The feet are protected by socks also made of the suit material and a splash guard cuff.


Brochure: Safety You Can Count On (PDF)Whether taking pre entry measurements, transferring liquids, or responding to emergencies: Dräger offers a large range of chemical protective suits – tailor-made for a large variety of application areas. So that you get the exact protection you need for your specific use.