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January 7, 2017
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Draeger Alcotest 5510

As entry level model of the successful Dräger Alcotest® 6510 the Dräger Alcotest® 5510 offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user-friendly and compact form. Thanks to its wide range of possible configurations, the handheld instrument can be easily adapted to meet different international regulations and guidelines.

Sophisticated technology


The 1/4“-DrägerSensor with its optimized gas dynamics measures specifically alcohol. Even at high alcohol concentrations direct gaspaths, fast pneumatic components and short reaction times of the sensor ensure the measurement result will be displayed quickly. The very latest in electronics technology ensures that the instrument is ready for use in no time at all.


Comfortable operation


Automatic sampling and calibration processes make the instrument easy to use. All measurement functions are controlled via a single key, while menu navigation is by two menu keys. The special way the mouthpieces are designed means they can be fitted quickly and securely even in poor light conditions.


Easy handling


Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Dräger Alcotest 5510 even fits into a shirt pocket. The ergonomic design makes the instrument equally easy to use for right and left-handed people.


Integrated datalogger


The latest 10 measurement results with their respective test numbers are stored in the datalogger. Individual results can be called up from the log by pressing the menu keys.


Safe and hygienic


he separation of the grip area and the mouthpiece automatically ensures a certain distance between the hand of the operator and the mouth of the person to be tested.


Slide’n’click mouthpiece


The shape of the mouthpiece means you will intuitively fit it correctly. An air outlet which cannot be obstructed prevents any manipulation when the breath sample is given. A spacer on the mouthpiece prevents the test subject’s lips from coming into contact with the instrument’s housing, and at the same time may be used as a mouthpiece ejector.